Chef Donna Hawkins

Chef Donna
Donna Alisa Hawkins completed her Culinary Training at the Hospitality and Tourism Institute PGCC WORKS Prince George’s Community College, in Largo, Maryland.

Prior to becoming a Personal and Private Chef she worked for twenty plus years in the government and private sector. After years of joyless work that didn’t feed her soul, she finally stepped out on faith and decided to fully pursue her bliss and become a personal and private chef. Food has always been a constant presence and passion in her life and now she is giving it her full focus.

She states “People often ask me what’s my specialty and my response has always been…”I just love to cook-what can I cook for you?” I don’t limit myself or you as a client by clinging onto one specific style or flavor profile. I like to experience it all. As I was given the opportunity to travel at a young age, my fascination for different cultures and their foods has always kept my palate poised for the many nuances one can find across the globe. I also like to bake so not only can I make you dinner, I can prepare a delectable dessert as well! My culinary portfolio is vast from French, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, American, West Indian, Indian, Asian, West African, South African, German, Persian, Egyptian, Spanish, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisines to name a few. So, let’s take your taste buds on a fantastic voyage.”

She is a certified ServSafe Food Safety Manager.